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Economic Boxes

If you are looking for a simple box that is economic and for multiple uses, you will enjoy these economic gift boxes. They are available in many sizes.

Pop-up style rectangular cardboard boxes. These simple gift boxes are great for any occasion.

Model number shown above : GL series

Rectangular cardboard boxes. These gift boxes create a beautiful presentation for clothing or pastries.

Model numbers shown above : 6 glued corner boxes, SC series or LC series to be assembled

Foldable cardboard box available in different finishes and colors, card game style boxes.

Model number shown here : TIB series

Economic Boxes
Economic Boxes
Economic Boxes
Balinette Box
Cake board

Dimensions chart - Balinette Box and Cake boards

Dimensions chart - 6 corner boxes. SC: glued / LC

Dimensions chart - GL series

Dimensions chart - TIB series

Dimensions chart - X series